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Pure LDM Extract

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The Pure LDM Extract Story

On the eastern slopes of the Sierra-Nevada Mountains grows a very important plant in the Parsley Family.  The western Indians have long used this plant to prevent and treat ailments.

The plant is botanically called Lomatium Dissectum var. Multifida, so named because of its long, slender hollow stem and its oil producing linear glands in the ripening seeds.  The Indians called the medicinal root of this plant “the Dortza”, meaning - “heap powerful medicine.”

Particularly, the Washoe Indians collected the root in September and October when the richest supply of oils were concentrated in the large underground root.  At least five or six gums, oils and oleoresins are present in the very aromatic root.  After collecting the root, they sliced it longitudinally, exposing the volatile oils to the oxidizing (polymerization) effects of the air, which converts the oils to a stabilized resin.  The cured root would then be hung to dry from the ceiling of their hogan until it was needed.


During the flu pandemic of 1917-1918, the root came into extensive use by the two Washoe Indian bands near Carson City, Nevada.  Dr. E.T. Krebs Sr., the contact physician who was assigned by the U.S. Government to the Washoe Indians, was dumbfounded to find that the two groups of Indians were free from respiratory illness and that no deaths had been attributed to the influenza “bug.”  This was especially amazing because both Indian and white people were “dying like flies” throughout the entire region, the nation and the world.

Spotting the dried root hanging from their hogans, Dr. Krebs asked what it was and what was its use.  He was told it was “heap powerful medicine,” and that it was used to prevent colds and the flu.  He asked if he could try this medicine on some of his white patients and, after making a crude preparation and giving it to his non-Indian patients in San Francisco, he said, “they just stopped dying.”


Scientific investigation of the plant reveals that the volatile oil factions in the root contain the anti-viral/antibiotic ingredient.  The Lomatium Dissectum extract has a viro-static effect, meaning that it stops the growth of all viruses and bacteria in the body so that the body’s natural immune system can eliminate the lethal micro-organisms without harming the ones necessary to good health.  The effectiveness of Lomatium diessectum infections and restoring health is commensurate with an individuals’ natural immune system.

EFFECTIVENESS:  Extensive work has been done by over five universities on Lomatium Dissectum.  It is a powerful, non-toxic, viro-static against flu viruses, the trachoma virus, the Lansing Polio viruses, and numerous other issues.  By 1944, the Journal of Baceriology reported:  “The anti-biotic activity of oil factions separated from the root of Lomatium dissectum was determined on 62 strains and species of bacteria, molds, and fungi.  The heat-stable active agent was bactericidal for gram-positive bacteria at 10-4 dilutions and 10-3 for gram-negative bacteria.”  (Journal of Bacteriology, Vol. 55 No. 5 May 1944)

About the time this report was published, ‘miracle’ sulfa drugs began to be widely promoted.  In the interest of being ‘modern,’ no one wanted to use an old Indian remedy.  With renewed interest in some natural remedies, Dr. Krebs Jr. passed on the extracting techniques developed by his father to Max G. Barlow.  The extract is marketed today in an alcohol-based tincture as Pure LDM Extract.

As the above quote from the Journal of Bacteriology indicates, Lomatium Diessectum is also effective against molds and fungi.  As a result, many users are seeing great results in fighting Candida albicans with our extract (when taken orally).  A drop between the toes will eradicate athlete’s foot.

TODAY’S USE:  Pure LDM Extract of an approximately 95% success rate.  This magnificent product is currently being used in several cancer clinics (mostly in Mexico) with dramatic results for clearing infection in cancer patients  The patients are given 3 to 5 drops sublingually 4 to 8 times a day for 10 to 14 days.  A Montana doctor writes, “I would not be without this product - especially for my patients with viral infections.”

DOSAGE:  Since Pure LDM Extract is viro-static, the dosage depends upon the strength (or weakness) of the body’s natural immune system.  Pure LDM Extract is completely natural and non-toxic; therefore, the dosage may be safely increased until it takes effect.  For normal use, 1/2 of a dropper taken orally or mixed in water or juice, two to three times a day will combat respiratory infections as well as the flu and colds.  The same amount gargled (and swallowed) will clear a strep throat almost immediately.  A drop or two should be applied topically for infected sores three to four times a day.

Pure LDM Extract may be taken as a preventative against viral infections or solely during high-risk periods.  This wonder drug of nature inhibits growth and reproduction of viral organisms, rendering them inactive, thus enabling white blood cells to do their job.  This product is a must for every household first-aid kit, both at home and during travel.

Adults:  3-10 drops, 3 to 5 times daily, or more.  It is suggested to begin with a low dosage and frequency and gradually increase.  Keep dosage low for the first  days and then increase as needed.

Children:  3 to 4 drops, 4 to 6 times daily.  Also recommended to gradually increase quantity and frequency.  1 to 2 drops for babies added to water or juice.

It should be noted that some people may experience a one-time detox rash from an oil faction found in Lomatium Diessectum; as is possible from contact with any plant.  The rash ranges from mild to full body and can be itchy and uncomfortable.

Pure ldm Extract - Infection fighter:  Our most important Native American - Northwest anti-viral herb! Works where other anti-virals fall short… It has exceptional Anti-fungal, Anti-parasitic and Anti-bacterial action with the ability to suppress the growth of  62 types of bacteria and fungi !! LOMATIUM DISSECTUM  v. Multifida (LDM) is used for treating influenza, coughs, colds, sore throats, hay-fever, skin problems, bronchitis, mononucleosis, tuberculosis and pneumonia.  It provides quick relief in cases of deep seated viral or bacterial infections which are persistent in the lungs.

Warts are generally viral, LDM applied topically kills the virus and killing the wart.

  • Suggested Uses: Start with 5–10 drops, 3 X daily, increasing up to 3–5 droppersful daily.
  • Notice: 1 in 200 may develop a one time HARMLESS “Lomatium rash.” Rash will subside in 1-3 days after discontinuing use of the herb.

If you are new to LDM Extract (LOMATIUM DISSECTUM  v. Multifida) you could develop a one time detox rash.  (The skin is a major organ which can filter toxins causing a detox rash). This rash can cover a small percentage or the full body.  It can be itchy, swollen and very uncomfortable and sometimes accompanied by a low fever and purple welts.

PREVENTIVE MEASURES:  If you have never used Lomatium (LDM) it is recommended taking Dandelion Root either in liquid or capsule form for a few days prior to taking Lomatium.  Continue taking Dandelion Root for the first week.  This seems to help the body process the detox reaction and in most cases lessen the chances, the severity and in some cases, prevents the rash altogether.

Start with a small dosage when taking Lomatium for the first time.  A small dosage of LDM is 5-10 drops in water or juice once a day for the first week for adults.  If sensitivity prone, start with as low as 1-5 drops once a day for the first week.

Such a reaction can quickly be overcome by taking Dandelion Root, VitamIn C, and Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B%).  Also, two to three days fresh juices and fresh squeezed wheat grass juice has been found to speed up the detox process.  A soothing Epson salt bath and calamine lotion can provide relief from itching.  Discontinue use of LDM temporarily while the rash is running its course.  Rarely is there a rash a second time. 

Often a rash will disappear within in 24 hours, but can last up to 7 days depending on detox intolerance.