"I apply LDM on my feet & elbows, 2xs a day for arthritis nodules. They're less painful & are slowing going away. My Dr. is impressed, I know I am."
 - Evelyn P.
"Bad cut in bend of my hand base of thumb. Kept breaking open & wasn't healing. I started applying LDM 3xs a/day, it healed up in 2 weeks."
- Jack P. Colorado

"I put 3 drops LDM on big toenail to get rid of yellow toe fungus, it pennatrated right thru my nail. Took about 2 mo. & it was gone."
- Jean B. Colorado
"Loved the testimony on the flyer about the Spanish flu and how lomatium was discovered to help save lives. Love even better how effective we found LDM to be on tooth abscess for husband. We feel confident that with LDM we could survive current virus mania."
- Paula T. Washington.
"Use for first sign/symptoms of cold really helps fight off virus and shorten the duration of sickness. Always have it on hand!"
- D.K Washington.