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* Stainless Steel
* Non-shiny brushed finish
* Polished bridges connecting each link
* Sturdy clasp secures bracelet

Tuning Element Technologies has received many testimonials from people who are using our Tuning Element products.

We have had reports of dramatic reductions and even elimination of many ailments including all types of pain, injuries, respiratory problems as well as reports of increased strength, energy, balance and mental clarity. In most cases, benefits were noticed immediately.

How does the Tuning Element Bracelet work?

Electromagnetic radiation has an adverse effect on the cells of the body in that it disrupts their natural frequency. In doing this, the protons of our cells are pulled out of their natural alignment which can lead to cellular dysfunction..When the Tuning Element Bracelet comes in contact with our skin, it works to bring our body back to it’s natural frequency.

This realigns the protons of our cells causing them to spin (or resonate) in harmony with each other instead of against each other, creating an optimum cellular environment.

In other words, when our body is restored to it’s natural frequency, it plays the “song” it was meant to be playing in optimal rhythm similar to that of a symphony orchestra.

Why do our bodies get out of tune?

We live in an era of rapidly increasing “electronic technology”. Within that technology are hidden “pollutants” that we do not see, hear, taste, smell or feel. It is well documented that our bodies absorb these “electronic pollutants” from numerous sources including cell phones, computers, televisions, microwaves, and electrical power lines.

These electronic pollutants are known as EMF’s (electrical magnetic fields) and ELF’s (extremely low frequencies.) When these EMF’s and ELF’s are emitted from different sources of technology, the cells of our bodies are negatively impacted by these waves which in turn increase free radical production in the body, disrupting our natural biological processes.

The result is an “out of tune” body which functions at a decreased efficiency and decreased energy level and in turn can manifest various illness symptoms.