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Lomatium Dissecta var. Multifida in a capsule form. 

After the Lomatium root has been wild crafted, dried and cured, it is ground up and put into capsules.  There are no fillers or additives.  

LDM in this modality goes to work on deeper pulmonary and respiratory infections.  All of the anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties are present in the capsule form.  Each bottle has 100 capsules. 

DOSAGE:  1 capsule 2x's per day as needed.

  • Notice: 1 in 200 may develop a one time HARMLESS “Lomatium rash.” Rash will subside in 1-3 days after discontinuing use of the herb.

If you are new to LDM Extract (LOMATIUM DISSECTUM  v. Multifida) you could develop a one time detox rash.  (The skin is a major organ which can filter toxins causing a detox rash). This rash can cover a small percentage or the full body.  It can be itchy, swollen and very uncomfortable and sometimes accompanied by a low fever and purple welts.

PREVENTIVE MEASURES:  If you have never used Lomatium (LDM) it is recommended taking Dandelion Root either in liquid or capsule form for a few days prior to taking Lomatium.  Continue taking Dandelion Root for the first week.  This seems to help the body process the detox reaction and in most cases lessen the chances, the severity and in some cases, prevents the rash altogether.

Start with a small dosage when taking Lomatium for the first time.  A small dosage of LDM is 5-10 drops in water or juice once a day for the first week for adults.  If sensitivity prone, start with as low as 1-5 drops once a day for the first week.

Such a reaction can quickly be overcome by taking Dandelion Root, VitamIn C, and Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B%).  Also, two to three days fresh juices and fresh squeezed wheat grass juice has been found to speed up the detox process.  A soothing Epson salt bath and calamine lotion can provide relief from itching.  Discontinue use of LDM temporarily while the rash is running its course.  Rarely is there a rash a second time. 

Often a rash will disappear within in 24 hours, but can last up to 7 days depending on detox intolerance.