Flax Hull Lignans provide Omega 3's as well as incredible antioxidants. They are known for revving up the immune system and helping to support balanced blood sugars. They support colon and brain health and provide ALA. Flax Hull Lignans are a great part of a natural health plan to stay strong and healthy!


Studies have shown our source of Flax Hull Lignans is 800 times more powerful than other lignans that you CANNOT get from flax that is ground, whole, or oil. Flax Hull Lignans are NOT the same as whole ground flax. Whole ground flax naturally has a small amount of lignans in it because it includes the shell of the flaxseed as the shell is where the lignans are located. You would need to take an enormous amount of ground flax daily to equal the concentrated Flax Hull Lignans only we offer. Along with helping balance your mood this helps fight and protect against many cancers including breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer.  It also helps with diabetes, obesity, HIV/AIDS, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, IBS, intestinal issues, acne, ADHD, kidney problems, menopause, breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, UTI, Osteoporosis and inflammation.  Not to mention is one of the highest sources of SDG Antioxidant and Omega-3’s.

Vibrant Vibrations is committed to the highest quality of all natural products and ingredients. We believe that there are natural alternatives to the pharmaceutical drugs that are having devastating effects on so many people. Harmful side effects, increase in suicide and loss of hopelessness are devastating so many lives. The prescription drug business is a multi-billion dollar industry where sadly profits are celebrated over health. However taking on the drug companies would be a futile endeavor so they decided to be proactive and come up with alternatives that have real results! Our process of extracting pure flax lignans  ensures the highest quality and potency of all our products. Our lignans contain 17 full spectrum and extracted without chemicals. Lignans are contained in the shell of the flax seed and our sources are the only natural way that maintains pure potency better than any other product on the market.

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